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SaTT token is used in transactions between advertisers and publishers. With SaTT tokens, publishers and advertisers will get the benefit in terms of lower fees, instant payments and absence of middlemen.

SaTT token will be launched and used for transactions between advertisers and publishers. It uses the blockchain technology and a smart contract to secure all activities. All transactions carried between the publishers and advertisers will be secured because of the blockchain application.

SaTT smart contract works on a decentralized and distributed manner. The blockchain will include all current offers that will allow any API  or other platforms to perform operations.

So in gist, SaTT utility token uses the blockchain technology for exchange of advertising and audience payments. SaTT’s regulated smart contract lists advertising offers will all data held in the Ethereum blockchain. The SaTT smart contract sets the condition for participation in campaigns, quantifies the success and ultimately guarantees the final remuneration.

For more details, please check the token website at

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