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The recently announced Samsung Galaxy S10 crypto wallet smartphone will have crypto functions to support Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and two other tokens – ENJIN token (ENJ) and COSMEE token (COSM).

The details of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Crypto wallet phone are trickling day by day and creating excitement among the crypto enthusiasts.

Samsung, spokesman officially discussed the features at the Mobile World Congress, Spain on Feb., 25.

Samsung revealed the crypto and blockchain related projects associated with it. This includes support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, COSM and ENJ tokens.

COSMEE is a blockchain enabled mobile beauty decentralized app where users can earn and spend COSM tokens. Similarly, Enjin is a cryptocurrency wallet which is to be installed in the Galaxy S10 phone.

samsung accept cryptocurrency bitcoin

There had been speculations goings on for Samsung Galaxy S10 crypto phone for the last 2-3 months. Earlier, Samsung had dismissed the rumour of crypto wallet as speculation.
Recently, HTC also announced its crypto phone EXODUS. HTC has partnered with Opera Browser and also added many DAPPs.

For more details of the Samsung Galaxy S10 crypto wallet phone, please read:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Crypto Wallet Phone

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