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Mercedes-Benz as part of its Ambition2039 initiative – a path for proposed sustainable mobility, is planning for a carbon neutral new passenger car using blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies.

Mercedes-Benz plans for a carbon neutral passenger car fleet. The organisation has collaborated with Cirulor, a start-up. The collaboration is to establish new global standard for ethical and sustainable materials for tracking the emissions of climate sensitive gases and the amount of secondary material, together with complex supply chains of battery cell producers.

The project plans to focus on cobalt, which enters the supply chain from recycling facilities. Then, Cirulor’s blockchain platform would map the flow of production of the materials and their carbon-di-oxide emission. The blockchain system shows Daimler’s requirements regarding working conditions, human rights, environmental protection, safety, business ethics and compliance of all the companies involved.

Once this is achieved, the organisation would direct its direct suppliers to comply with these requirements and standards; and carry the provisions into upstream value chains to monitor their compliances.

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