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Bitcoin is making waves once again. Crypto enthusiasts are asking, “Is it the start of the much-awaited bull run?”
After showing a dramatic 20 % upside in one day, it settled around US$ 4800. Now, Bitcoin is up again, nearly 3% at US$5,150 approx. It is surging and going steady above US$5,000. According to experts, this is a price zone for accumulation.

There has been a huge surge in Bitcoin futures on CME with record trading on April 4. As per the reports going on the internet news sights, CME has seen record 22.5K contracts for 112.7K BTC. This is in itself a record.

Most of the Bitcoin analysts are of the view that the present price has lesser chances of going down and more chances of going up. Immediate predictions have been shared for US$ 6000 and then US$ 7200.

Anyways, whatever the Bitcoin price be in the future, there is excitement in the crypto community. Everyone is looking on the net for accurate and actionable information in the broader light.

Information is plentiful. The benefits of the information are even more plentiful in simple words. Perhaps, the biggest benefactors of timely information and analysis are the investors and traders who are always looking for market trends.

We as crypto enthusiasts are also looking to the uptrend and downtrend holding our breath.

At such a juncture, I suggest acting with your own conviction and do not go by others opinions and hear-say. Also, we should look for the entry and exit points for the most profitable entry and exit points. Timing is critical in crypto trading, especially for better returns.

Bitcoin price analysis and readings provide lots of precious information helpful for both short term and long term investors. Technical charts can give insights in positioning and timing of trading.

We try to provide a timely and accurate analysis. But, suggest once again not to get swayed by opinions. Make a decision with your own conviction.

Happy Investing! Happy Earning!

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